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Paint Correction

Different Levels of Paint Correction & Reconditioning Services

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70-80% Improvement

An ALL-IN-ONE quick solution. Removing light swirls and adding a light level of protection to the paint all at the same time.


80-90% Improvement


90-95% Improvement

A higher level of clarity can be brought out by using a product more concentrated on removing light scratches & swirls than a 1-Step Correction. After the first step, the second step is applying a higher level of protection such as Ceramic (SiO2) Spray.

A high level of paint reconditioning. The first step is to cut through oxidized paint and polish out scratches in the clear coat. The second step is to bring out the clarity and a high shine by polishing or "buffing" the paint. The third step is to add a high level of protection to the paint, working a sacrificial layer to protect the paint and clearcoat from contaminants such as tree sap, bird droppings, and dirt particles.

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